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    We’re conducting pivotal trials for the ZENS System for mild OSA and chronic snoring. We will seek market authorization from the FDA, so you won’t have to worry about ineffective solutions.

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    ZENS is controlled by a mobile app and carefully designed to fit into your daily routine, so that getting a better sleep doesn’t have to be a chore.

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    ZENS is a proprietary wireless device that adheres to the underside of your chin while you sleep – no more bulky machines, wires, or hoses.

Our team.

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    Oliver Luo

    Systems Engineer, Co-founder

  • headshot

    Mark Thomson

    Chief Operating Officer

  • headshot

    Audrey Labrie

    Product Manager

  • headshot

    Chantelle Webb

    Clinical Affairs Manager

  • headshot

    Dave MacLeod

    Lead Engineer

  • headshot

    Amanda Hehr

    Senior Software Engineer

  • headshot

    Cary Wong

    Firmware Engineer

Help us to end sleepless nights.

While the ZENS is being developed, we’re constantly exploring what our potential customers want and need. If you or your partner suffer from chronic snoring or mild OSA, sign up to our mailing list to receive occasional updates and survey opportunities.

Note: ZENS is an investigational device that is not yet approved for commercial use in any jurisdiction.

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