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ZENS is a discreet therapeutic sleep wearable that externally opens the airway to reduce snoring, making your night more restful while providing valuable insight into your sleep health.

Snore? Yeah, us too.
Did you know...

You aren't getting a good sleep

Getting a better sleep can help you...

(and neither is your partner).

ZENS can help.

ZENS is a convenient and effective way to increase your overall quality of sleep by reducing snoring at its source, while delivering useful insight into your sleep health.

Breathe Better.

When you sleep, the soft tissue in your airway relaxes; for those of us who suffer from chronic snoring, this muscle is relaxing enough to block the airway. The ZENS works by externally opening the airway, reducing snoring and improving your overall sleep quality.

Assess Sleep.

Examine the finer details of your nightly slumber with the Zennea app! Combining sensors in ZENS with your phone, you can personally see the improvement in your quality of sleep with information even doctors find valuable.

We are Zennea.

Our mission is to end sleepless nights.